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Fitness for your eyes

Pinhole glasses are not a new idea, they have been used for vision and eye training for decades. The principle is simple: The individual pinholes work like a small aperture in a camera, and thereby instantly increase the acuity of vision, no matter if you are short- or far-sighted. The fact that the eye has to move constantly in order to put together all the individual pictures means that the whole musculature around the eyes gets training.

We at Innovative Eyewear have combined this established method with yellow filter glasses, thus making the eye training even more comfortable (and efficient).

As yellow filter glasses increase the contrast perception, the PRiSMA eye training set can provide a much clearer image than the traditional pinhole glasses.

Furthermore the yellow light can positively influence concentration as well as the mood and the whole nervous system.

With its 90% blue light protection, this set can safely be used as (occasional) “computer reading glasses”, which makes it easy to include the eye training into your daily routine.

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