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The importance of good sight for safe driving

Your safety in traffic relies heavily on your processing of visual input. The faster a danger is noticed, the faster a driver can react to it. In fractions of a second, objects can be categorized, and their motion can be calculated. While the processing takes place in the brain, it depends on good “raw data” from your eyes.

There are some simple steps, every driver can take for their security: Make sure you have clear vision (clean windscreen and good wiper blades) and functioning light on your car.

A further, even more efficient step is to support your eyes with special driving glasses.

(This is a visualization of the filter effect, it has not been photographed through the glasses)

PRiSMA driving glasses DriVE Day&Night with their sophisticated yellow filters increases the perception of contrasts, and therefore the visual acuity. This is because it filters out the blue light frequencies, which, due to a different refraction angle, does not focus on the retina, and leads to color fringes and a slight blur.


This more acute vision relaxes the eye and increases visual comfort. Furthermore, yellow can have a positive effect on your concentration.

Nighttime Driving

At night our eyes are even more challenged, as darkness and glaring bright lights alternate frequently. Especially Xenon and LED headlights, which have become increasingly popular, are often perceived as especially dazzling and uncomfortable, and the eyes need several, safety relevant seconds to get used to see in the dark again.

These lights contain a high amount of blue light frequencies, which are mostly responsible for their dazzling effect. Our DRiVE glasses selectively filter out these frequencies.


Xenon DRiVE

This is why our glasses can perceptibly reduce dazzling and glare and increase visual performance especially at night.

traffico notturno
(This is a visualization of the filter effect)

Other properties your driving glasses should have:

For a clear vision, especially at night, it is of great importance to reduce disturbing reflexes. This is why PRiSMA DRiVE Day&Night glasses come with an anti-reflective coating. For glasses to be approved for driving, they have to fulfill certain criteria, such as the accurate perception of signal colors, as well as the overall light transmission rates, so you get enough light to see by, even at night.

DRiVE Day&Night has been developed to meet all these requirements, and at the same time offer maximum support for your eyes. The transmission rates and signal light perception have been tested by an independent testing institute, and meet all the most recent requirements for day and night driving. (As of 2014, valid in the European Union only, not licensed for US and AUS)

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