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Spektro-Chrom Full Set with all 12 Colors

In order to experience all the advantages of using the Spektro-Chrom Method, we recommend the full set with all the colors. For ease of transport and storage, we also offer the glasses set in a high quality case. All these products can be ordered in our shop.

 Spektro-Chrom 2 Color Sets

The Sektro-Chrom Method attributes an opposite color to every color, which are supposed to be used alternately.


Color-opposite color set green-magenta. Further combinations available: yellow-violett, lemon-turquoise, orange-indigo, red-blue und scarlet-purple. -> Find the sets in our shop.


Spektro-Chrom Color Light Glasses

The colored filters we use in our glasses are optimally fine tuned for maximum efficiency of the Spektro-Chrom Method. We have picked the perfect frequencies, and our glasses are produced with unsurpassed saturation, so you can profit from the full power of colored light.

Our Spektro-Chrom Glasses have a sporty frame with big glasses. This allows the desired color to hit the eye from all directions, and prevents scattered light interferance.

With their wide cut and silicon ear pieces, they are very comfortable to wear. The frame is flexible yet durable.  You can order every color as a single pair of glasses in our shop .