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The Spectro-Chrome colors – health with colored lights

The Spectro-Chrome method according to Dinshah has existed for more than 100 years and uses splendid colors to preserve and restore health.

Colors are an elixir of life, a generous gift from Mother Earth. Everybody knows the delighting sight when the sun sets and its afterglow turns the sky deep red. We feel the refreshing effect when watching a field of bright yellow canola. Or the inner peace and balance that the green of the trees on a walk through the forest evoke. The deep quietness caused by the dark blue of the night sky, or the stimulating light blue of the summer sky. There are various emotions attached to specific colors. Emotions that have a holistic effect on the inner sphere and the vegetative system. Every color of the rainbow produces specific, well-directed reactions in our organism – gentle, but very powerful.

Just imagine you had the possibility to purposefully use these effects! You could counterbalance the stress eating away at you, or use gentle stimulation. You would be able to communicate with each one of your organs – in a natural way, without chemicals. You could effectively support your bodily functions and make your life easier and more healthy.

All this is possible with the Spectro-Chrome method. Twelve strong, exactly defined colors are available to give the perfect impulses to the organism in every situation, towards more health and joy of living. The method is easy to learn, you can start right away. All that you need is good light, the right color filters and some basic knowledge on the principal effects of the Spectro-Chrome colors.

The fastest way to get this basic knowledge is by reading the SpektroChrom color glasses manual. Here, an experienced Spectro-Chrome therapist takes you by the hand and introduces you to the secrets and possibilities of the Spectro-Chrome method.

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