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Our bluelightprotect filters

Ever since blue light hazard has become commonly known and is increasingly researched, a lot of products have entered the marked.  The so-called „computer glasses“ or „gamer eyewear“ mostly offer slightly tinted glasses with insufficient protection.

We don´t want to compromise when it comes to your health, so, in collaboration with Alexander Wunsch, a physician and well-known photobiologist, we developed two filters that make a real difference.

The natural protective functions within the eye have been the model for our PRO filter:

At the spot of most acute vision, the macula lutea (or yellow spot), the pigments lutein and zeaxanthin shield the retina cells from agressive short-wave radiation, which causes cell damage through free radical formation. Although this natural protection mostly filters out light in the violet and blue range, filtering properties can be observed even in the blue-green wavelengths up to 550 nm.

The bluelightprotect PRO filter optimally protects agains short-wave radiation (blue light), by filtering out 99% of light below 500nm, and in addition filters out about 80% of the light in the blue-green range (500-550nm)

This is why we recommend the PRO filter or anyone who´s eyes are predisposed or already show a medical condition, when you spend long hours working on monitors or in a blue light environment (LED light or flourescent light), and especially in the evening, when blue light is particularly disruptive to the circadian rythm.

The bluelightprotect filter LiTE offers expansive protection of the eye against light-induced oxidative stress and prevents grave disturbances in the hormonal blance.

In the short-wave range up to 500nm, which has the most damaging effect on cells and hormonal balance, it filters out about 92% of the light. To ensure better color recognition and brightness, it has a higher transparency than the PRO filter in the less problematical range between 500nm and 550nm (50% transmission)

We therefore recommend the LiTE filter for occasions when a better color recognition is neccessary, for watching TV and for use during the day, when the body is less susceptible to blue light damage.

Our styles

We offer our innovative filter technology in different styles of glasses:

P1 Style

Our P1 glasses with their slim metal frame are very light (16gr), elegant, and very comfortable due to adjustable nose pads. This style is especially recommendable for working on flat screens when there are no additional blue light sources. Available both with PRO and LiTE tint.

->P1 with PRO filter in our shop

-> P1 with LiTE filter in our shop

Classic Style

This sporty style with its big glasses offers excellent protection from scattered light. This is particularly important when the environmental light contains a lot of blue, for example when working spaces a lit with LED or fluorescent lights. Available both with PRO and LiTE tint.

->Classic Style with PRO filter in our shop

-> Classic Style with LiTE filter in our shop

Spectrum Style

The Spectrum style glasses offer great protection from scattered light. These glasses are furthermore perfect as working glasses for spectacle wearers, as they have the option of clipping in a correction clip, that can be fitted with prescription glasses by your optician. The flexible frame is available in pearl silver or blue-grey pearl, and is a slimmer fit than the Classic style. Available both with PRO and LiTE tint.

->Spectrum with PRO filter in our shop

-> Spectrum with LiTE filter in our shop


Our CLiP-ON filters are ideal for clipping onto almost all types of glasses. Especially for those wearing varifocals, this is often the best and easiest way of ensuring ideal blue light protection. The CLiP-ON lenses are easily and gently attached with silicon clamps, and can simply be flipped up when not neccessary. Available both with PRO and LiTE tint.

->CLiP-ON with PRO filter in our shop

-> CLiP-ON with LiTE filter in our shop


The new FREiBURG style glasses are made of flexible synthetic material and are light-weight, comfortable and stylish. The metallic brown frame transforms these simple full-frame glasses into real eye-catchers. For perfect protection, the glasses are delivered with a practical hard shell case. Available both with AMBER LiTE and AMBER PRO tint.

->FREiBURG with PRO filter in our shop

-> FREiBURG with LiTE filter in our shop

LiNDAU Style

Our extra light new LiNDAU style glasses feature flexible temples made of high-quality Beta-Titanium. These glasses have been designed specially for those customers who are not used to glasses and want to carry as little weight as possible on their noses. The small glasses are perfect for covering the computer or smartphone screen when there is enough ambient light. Available both with AMBER LiTE and AMBER PRO tint.

->LiNDAU with PRO filter in our shop

-> LiNDAU with LiTE filter in our shop

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