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Disturbing a child’s circadian rhythm can lead to more than just bad sleep

An increasing number of studies shows the connection between blue light and a disruption of the circadian rhythm through suppression of the melatonin production (here are links to some interesting studies). If the production of this so called “sleep hormone” is diminished, it seems logical that the result may be a poor sleep quality and overall […]

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Blue light protection glasses by Innovative Eyewear – Videos

Preview: Healing With Colored Light, An Interview With Alexander Wunsch

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch on the Dangers of LED Lights

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Alexander Wunsch on Diligent Use of Colors as a Way to Make Life Easier

Blue light protection glasses by Innovative Eyewear – Alexander Wunsch

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Save Your Vision

Light not always equals light. Today many people confuse light with brightness. But light is much more than this. Without the full spectrum light of our sun, there would be no life on our planet. It seems this very important aspect of healthy light, got astray in the depths of the energy-saving-emergency of our governments.
Importance of balanced […]

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Car headlights

The EU is planning to abolish halogen light by 2018.

This is also of concern for car manufacturers. But replacing the warm-white halogen light, that is commonly used for headlights, with other light sources, might be not a good idea.

Since the introduction of halogen-lamps in the early 1990’s, more and more cars have been equipped with high intensity discharge Xenon Arc lamps. […]

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The Power of Light

The seasons let us notice how much we need the daylight. Light lifts the spirits. The lack of light makes us feel tired. In the winter, we only receive a fraction of the light quantity that reaches us in summer. In addition, we spend the darker season mostly in artificially lighted rooms. This is why […]

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New Website – new Blog

Welcome to our new Blog!

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