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How it all began:

Reinhard Gerl

Reinhard Gerl, founder of Innovative Eyewear, found his true vocation after his commercial training and studies, when he experienced the efficacy of color light therapy, and decided to make it available to everyone.

In 1993, when he founded his company, color light therapy was limited to medical practice, because it needed special therapeutic lamps, the very few color light glasses that could be bought weren´t optimized for efficient color therapy, and didn´t meet his quality standards.

And so, Reinhard Gerl decided to develop and bring to the market his own series of color light glasses, optimized for color light therapy. In cooperation with experts in the field and experienced producers, he developed the first PRiSMA Color Light Therapy Glasses, which even then had the characteristics that are still the distinguishing feature of every PRiSMA product: Optimum color frequencies in unrivaled saturation. This is how Innovative Eyewear come to be on of the pioneers in color light therapy, with numerous enthusiastic users throughout the world.

New Times -New Challenges

LED Lampe KaltweißThe holistic approach, to hand everybody the responsibility for his own health, and his competence in the field of light and color, lead to Reinhard Gerl watching technical developments in the field attentively. The knowledge that different wavelengths lead to different reactions in the body and psyche made it easy for him to spot the potential danger of modern light sources with their unnatural amount of blue light.

And again, he sought cooperation with experts to develop the perfect protection from blue light, and by now PRiSMA bluelightprotect is one of the leaders in this fast growing market. While other companies try to jump onto the bandwagon by selling slightly tinted “computer glasses”, without realizing the full hazard of blue light, we at Innovative Eyewear always put the users health in the focus of our attention. We have heard the argument that customers wouldn´t want strong tint in their glasses, and we don´t accept it. We are sure our customers will only be satisfied with the best protection there is, and therefore offer protection without compromise, together with the necessary information, so our customers can make an informed choice.

Inform – Protect – Help

We love informed customers, as information has always been, and still is one of the most important pillars in the Innovative Eyewear Philosophy. Our holistic approach doesn´t stop at offering the best products, but includes our commitment to grow the awareness of the importance of light for health and well-being. The presentation we offer regularly for free are just one aspect in our strive to enable every individual to live a healthy live and protect their eyes.

And so it was only logical that Reinhard Gerl took the next step and started training as a holistic eye trainer, in order to be able to help in this area as well.

“Inform – Protect – Help”, these are the basics of our philosophy. Innovative Eyewear wants to invite you to profit from out collected knowledge, and start a new chapter in your own health and well-being.