Save Your Vision

//Save Your Vision

Save Your Vision

Light not always equals light. Today many people confuse light with brightness. But light is much more than this. Without the full spectrum light of our sun, there would be no life on our planet. It seems this very important aspect of healthy light, got astray in the depths of the energy-saving-emergency of our governments.

Importance of balanced light-spectrums

If you compare the spectrum of sunlight with artificial light sources, you may be surprised about the great differences. Good old incandescent light bulb has had a light spectrum similar to what the sun radiates. Quite different are energy saving light sources, such as mercury-discharge-lamps and LED-lamps.

The presentation provided in this article (see PDF-Downloady), delivers detailed information on artificial light, its use and dangers – and – most importantly: how can you save your vision from endangering light sources.

The full presentation can be downloaded here.

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