The Healing Power of Light

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The Healing Power of Light

The Importance of Sunlight for Optimal Health

This interview by Dr. Mercola gives you an insight into the significance of sunlight for the normal and healthy functioning of the human body.

While sun exposure is often reduced to specific effects such as the production of vitamin D or serotonine, and the dangers of excessive exposure to ultra-violett radiation, Alexander Wunsch has a more holistic approach to sunlight.

The German physician and photobiologist has spent a lot of time researching the effects of light on the human body:

I knew from my medical studies that we have to be careful with ultraviolet light. I started to collect old textbooks on light therapy, light biology, or photobiology. What I learned from these books was quite amazing.

Most of them were written in the times before the era of antibiotics. The doctors, the physicians, had to be very diligent using sunlight and also using ultraviolet light sources for artificial application of ultraviolet radiation. Finally, I came to the conclusion that we are perfectly adapted to the radiation of our sun.”  (cited from

We highly recommend this interview, which could give you a whole new idea about sunlight and how we (should) deal with it.

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