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Light and color are our passion, and we would love to share this passion with you.




The fascinating fact that „white“ light contains all the colors in its spectrum, is the basis for all our products (no wonder all our glasses carry the brand name PRiSMA…). We care about how the individual spectral colors affect humans, how to effectively use their properties, and where it is better to avoid certain wavelenghts.


Our Spektro-Chrom Color Glasses enable you to use the wavelenghts present in natural light to harmonize body, spirit and soul and increase your well-being. Color therapy has an ancient tradition, and the modern filter technology of our glasses makes it possible to use our „elixir“, natural daylight, for this purpose.

Bildschirmbrille bluelightprotect PRO


More and more, our concern turns towards artificial light. Since LED light and fluorescent energy saving bulbs are omnipresent, we are increasingly confronted with unatural light containing a huge amount of blue light. Since this has been proven to damge both the retina and the hormonal balance, we have developed our bluelightprotect filters, to protect your health, especially in front of (computer) screens.

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The health and well-being of our customers has always been the center of our attention, and so we have developed the ideal glasses for special situations. Our driving glasses PRiSMA DRiVE Day&Night is your reliable companion on the street throughout the day; our sunglasses don´t just darken, but reduce glare by selectively eliminating certain unwanted wavelenghts; and to improve and maintain your visison, we offer special training glasses for vision training.